Welcome to Designated Driver Inc. - Fresno, CA.

Current Hours of Operation: Thursday - Saturday: 6pm-3am

We here at Designated Driver of Fresno are designated drivers for Hire, we get YOU AND YOUR CAR HOME SAFELY , eliminating one of the biggest (If not THE biggest) reason why most people drive drunk.

We drive you home in your car so you avoid risking;

  • Getting a DUI
  • Wrecking your Car
  • Not having your car in the morning when you desperately need it to get to work and/or school
  • Leaving your car in a bad area
  • Hurting other's and/or Yourself

Among other things we also offer

  • Memberships; help support DDI, and save on rides and other services we offer
  • Sponsorships; Help the community know about Us wile helping cross promote your business
  • Corporate retainers, ensure You, Your employees, and their vehicles get home safely
  • Private Events; have us work your event so your friends, family and/or customers get home safely
  • Personal Chauffeur Service; we'll drive You and Your friends around in your car; for wine tasting tours, visits to LA, or just bar hopping around town
  • Day transport to and from the; Airport, Hospital, Surgery and Dr. Office, just to name a few
  • Gift Cards
Call to Set Up Sponsorship Today! - 431-3854